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Laura Zukaite's Midnight Sweater



Laura Zukaite's sweater in Midnight in Manhattan

The response has been overwhelming. The sweater is one of the top hits of the season. The sweater made its debut at VKL and what a splash it made! Now you can have your own. Laura designed this in our exclusive Madelinetosh colorway, Midnight in Manhattan . Only three skeins of Pashmina.   Come see it hanging on our racks at the store. It is proudly hailing all who enter. 

And the just wait until you see the back.......

And if you want the back closed? One more skein of Pashmina, and an addendum pattern to add the back in. Only at The Yarn Company with purchase of the yarn.

 This kit (yarn plus hard copy pattern) is $98 before shipping ($12 flat fee for your entire order in the continental United States), for the size shown, without the back closure addition. Click here to buy the kit:


Or, feel free to call us on the phone for this one.....only because the yarn is not always in stock and we hate to charge your card before it ships. That way, we can preorder it for you and will charge the cc number when the yarn arrives and goes out to you. Since we have a standing order, it should only be 3-4 weeks at most, generally much faster. Thanks!

Enjoy! The Staff at the (new) Yarn Company

Patterns can be purchased in hard copy in the store. You can also get the pattern on Laura's website, at:


The Yarn Company customers get $2 off the pattern. Just enter the code: LZ-MIM at the checkout on Laura's Ravelry checkout page.