Miss Babs Hits NYC Again

We’ve just received another long awaited shipment from Miss Babs! Based in Tennessee, Miss Babs means to bring color to the world; she feels it serves as “soul candy.” We agree! Miss Babs’s range of color is indeed astounding, and she is continually developing new colors.

Miss Babs’s recent offering to The Yarn Company includes her new Trios (similar to her former Color Affection Sets) in Yummy, and lots of Yowza---Whatta Skein! They come in a range of her mind-boggling “monochromes,” semisolid colorways that hold their own and also compliment hand-painted yarns. Check out our exclusive colorway Moulin Rose and lots of new fiber as well!

The Trios are a big favorite at The Yarn Company! Each Trio features 3 skeins of Yummy 2-ply, chosen in Babs unique way of combining colors..each one is more delightful than the other, create a stunning Color Affection Shawl, or any other three color shawl pattern.

Yummy is a 2-ply, 100% superwash merino sock yarn specially milled for Miss Babs to give it a particular twist and ply, such that it does not require nylon or other reinforcement for extreme durability. It also has a lumpy-bumpy yarn face that flatters the colors, showing off the knitting’s richness with its hills and valleys, light and shadow. (7 to 8 stitches per inch on US # 1-3 needles, approximately 400 yards/3.9 ounces; machine wash and dry on gentle setting.)

Yowza---Whatta Skein! is Miss Babs’s light worsted go-to yarn, ready for anything from sweaters to scarves and shawls. A crowd favorite, Yowza is a great big ball of 100% superwash merino, soft and wearable against the skin, and although it is a versatile workhorse, it receives all the color attention of the other bases. With skeins that are always generous---at least 560 yards and close to 9 ounces---this yarn is a great value. (4 to 5 stitches per inch on US #6-8 needles; machine wash and dry on gentle setting.)

Want some hot ideas for Yowza!? You should see this create a smashing Hitchhiker shawl (although the pattern calls for sockweight yarn—a reminder to us all to think outside the box!). Note: Many of Miss Babs’ colors are reproducible, but some are not. One-of-a-kind skeins are called Babettes, and are marked with a hot-pink sticker.

It is true, as she writes on her website, that when you call Miss Babs to see what she is up to, she says, “I’m dyeing!” And no one dyes like Miss Babs! Miss Babs started her fiber career at the age of six, sewing and knitting first for dolls, and then for herself. Over the years she did quilting, knitting, needlepoint, rug-hooking, and silkscreening. Coming home to the Appalachian Mountains in 1999 she learned weaving, taught herself to spin, and felted handbags and rugs. “Most of all,” she writes, “I began playing with dyes in 2003 and have hand-dyed and hand-painted with Kool-Aid, acid dyes, MX reactive dyes, and natural dyes.” She has been dyeing fibers full time since 2005. “Many people have been on this path before me, and many will come after,” she says. “This makes me feel connected to the past and to the future.” So many colors to look forward to!

And? Don’t forget our exclusive colorway Moulin Rose, the first exclusive colorway in a special little series from Miss Babs just for The Yarn Company. It combines a soft rose (not to be confused with a sweet pink) and a thoughtfully distributed black. Miss Babs likes to dissect what happens when dyed yarns are knitted up; after all, a skein can be beautiful on the shelf, but, as Miss Babs’s accomplice Jennifer puts it, “what looks good in the hank can come out looking like clown vomit. This is not clown vomit.”

Miss Babs had brushstrokes in mind when she created Moulin Rose; the black runs through the yarn in varying intensities, so when it is knitted up you get a series of blips and dashes, rather than a decided, pencil-like line.

Moulin Rose will be available in Yummy 2-ply (100% superwash merino, 400 yds/3.9-oz skein, 7-8 sts/in on US #7-8 needles); Yet (65% merino, 35% tussah silk, 400 yds/2.3-oz skein, 8-10 sts/in on US #00-3 needles); and Yasmin (2-ply, 80% merino, 20% tussah silk, 1250 yds/4.6-oz skein, 8-11 sts/in on US #000-1 needles). We will also have it in fiber for spinning and felting (details tba).

What’s more? Zabeth and Irina Poludnenko have both created incredible exclusive designs for us in Moulin Rose- Zabeth dreamed up a springtime tank in Yasmin—it laces up the front and is très jolie indeed! And Irina Poludnenko? The MoulinROse Top and Flower Necklace, in tihss daring delight of lace mesh with a sweeping low round neckline, and a matching flower choker, the world will be your Champs Elysées. A project for advanced knitters, using Miss Babs’s Yummy Handpainted Sock and Baby yarn (100% merino wool, 400 yards per 4-ounce skein, 6 sts/in); you will need 2 skeins for size small (32”) or medium (38”), 3 for large (43”). Needles are US #6, #4, and #6 double point; you will also need markers and holder.





The first of the series is a delicious silk base called Disco, is firmly plied, and comes in the semi-solids White Chocolate (mouthwatering cream), Lipstick Red (mm-hmm!), and Pastel Blue (sigh!),  Purple Denim (soft purple & blue), Purple Popsicle (purple party), Disco Twist (groovy browns), Flapjacks (pancake browns), Smoky Night (black, purple, gray), and more more more! Disco is 100% mulberry silk, 5.5-7 sts/in, 120 yards per 50-gram skein. 




Look out for more house yarns to come! 





Maria's Raven Sweater


Fly through the fall in this vampy sweater, exclusive to The Yarn Company by Maria Zverin! A surprisingly easy project despite its increasing sleeves and asymmetrical neckline; all the details are done in plain knitting. Maria’s pattern is a size 38, combining four balls of Tahki Stacy Charles’s laceweight Luna (71% super kid mohair, 20% silk, 9% Lurex metallic) with two balls of Filatura Di Crosa’s DK-weight Zara (100% extrafine merino wool). Glamorous Luna is luxurious, light and slightly glittery, while classic Zara ensures solid structure and a long-lasting garment. “Forevermore!” Gauge 4.5 stitches per inch on US #7 needles.


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