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Radical Madness

Oh the rad madness! We now have THREE exclusive Zara colors! This bright new colorway shown above hits the spot of blueness. Radical Blueberry is the first of our exclusive colors of FIlatura di Crosa Zara Hand Paint! These hanks were dyed for us by Iris Schreier of Artyarns, and are 240 yards per 100-gram skein, gauge 5-6 stitches per inch on US #6 needles. And to round out the lot,

Radical Cucumber and Radical Tomato!  Buy here now






Miss Babs in the House!

Miss Babs yarns will be at VKL, and only at The Yarn Company booth! We will have Yowza---Whatta Skein!, always a crowd favorite, in 10 colors, including our own exclusive colorway Moulin Rose. We will have only 8 skeins of each color, so get ’em while they’re hot! And, Miss Babs herself, with her accomplice Miss Jen, will make surprise appearances---so be sure to come meet them! And? A special surprise form Miss Babs herself- debuting at VKL, her brand-new Rainbow Polydactyl Set!

A special edition not to be missed, these ‘yummy’ toe sets were put on Miss Babs website as a preorder Jan 14---but will be available for physical sale, presto bingo into your hot little hands, at our booths (#530-536) at VKL! Only ten sets available. They are packaged as a set of six meaningful colorways, researched by Jen: Ardor (red for love), Zest (orange for healing), Rays (yellow for sunshine), Yo Mama (green for nature), Harmonia (blue for harmony), and Oomph (purple for vitality). We will only have 10 sets, so hurry!

We will also have exclusive Moulin Rose kits: Irina Poludnenko’s Moulin Rose Flower Top and Necklace, and Zabeth’s Moulin Rose Camisole (see below for details). Moulin Rose combines a soft rose (as opposed to a sweet pink) and a thoughtfully distributed black. Miss Babs likes to dissect what happens when dyed yarns are knitted up; after all, a skein can be beautiful on the shelf, but, as Jennifer puts it, “what looks good in the hank can come out looking like clown vomit. This is not clown vomit.” Miss Babs had brushstrokes in mind when she created Moulin Rose; the black runs through the yarn in varying intensities, so when it is knitted up you get a series of blips and dashes, rather than a decided, pencil-like line. 







Wool and the Gang Online at The Yarn Company!

It’s true!   Wool and the Gang exclusively at The Yarn Company in store and now on our webstore online!  Departing New York a few years ago, the Gang left a huge following in their wake. Fans have been begging us for their yarn, and now it is finally HERE! Exclusively now at The Yarn Company!     Enjoy. COme visit us, or enjoy the Yarn Company's low shipping rates domestically and internationally.   Wowowowowow!


 We have Crazy Sexy Wool, the Gang’s most coveted signature fiber, soft, chunky and warm. It is 100% Peruvian wool, 5-6 wpi, and knits up fast and easy. A great yarn for beginners or anyone interested in experimenting: you can knit a hat, a clutch, or a set of legwarmers in an hour! 87 yards per 200-gram skein, US #15-19 needles

And, at the store (2274 Broadway) we will have Woolly Bully, the Gang’s awesome medium-weight yarn, 80% alpaca and 20% merino. 43 yards per 50-gram skein, US #8-10.5 needles recommended.

 Wool and the Gang believe in fashion that is #MADEUNIQUE, with love and never from a factory. The worldwide Gangstas knit one-of-a-kind items with chunky Peruvian wool in a kaleidoscope of colors, using beautiful rosewood needles and their own patterns. By empowering artisans and makers around the world---the Gang of Makers---Wool and the Gang are able to deliver fast, sustainable fashion, without factories.