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Gynx Takes New York

Gynx Yarns are here! The Yarn Company is proud to be the sole NYC vendor of gorgeous fibers from Gynx Yarns. Founded by color genius Laura Jinx Jiminez, this hot little indie company cooks up unbelievable colorways in a Dallas kitchen. We have three self-striping bases: Strong Sock is a splendid 2-ply sock/fingering-weight blend of 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon (400 yards per 100-gram skein); Glitz Sock is also 2-ply sock/fingering, but 75% superwash, 20% nylon, and 5% Stellina for glamour (438 yards per 100-gram skein); and Gynx’s Merino Worsted---self-striping for the first time ever!---is a powerful 4-ply, 100% superwash (218 yards per 100-gram skein). Laura creates monthly palettes, and we have vibrant selections, as well as a brand-new soft and wintry gray-scale creation.

Laura started Gynx Yarns part-time in 2011, her last year as an undergrad at the University of North Texas. After earning her BFA in Fine Arts in 2012, she went full-time, to great acclaim. In her podcast, The Dyer’s Notebook (viewable on her blog and YouTube), she shares fiber know-how gleaned from school and experience, with a focus on dyeing. Laura often finds inspiration in video games, anime, and pop culture---hence these saturated, dazzling colorways. A warm welcome to Gynx!

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Bijou Basin Yarns

The Yarn Company is thrilled to be the only retailer in New York to carry the marvelous yarns of Bijou Basin Ranch! Owners Carl and Eileen Koop grew up in Secaucus, New Jersey, never dreaming they would one day own a yak ranch in Colorado. We are so proud they have chosen to partner with The Yarn Company to bring you their luxurious hand-dyed yarns---and surprise exclusives---here only!

We will start by carrying some of Bijou’s best bases in their standard colors (see below for details), then---drum roll---we will get bases in exclusive colorways created by mystery well-known and sought-after indie dyers. Some of the bases we will get have never been dyed before---so stay tuned! Meanwhile, until Sunday February 2, you can come try on Bijou’s best samples and garments in their finest fibers. Come see, touch and ask! 






Wooly Wonka Exclusives

We’ve got the golden ticket! The Yarn Company is bringing a new exclusive to the Northeast, from the brilliant Wooly Wonka!

We are so proud to add Wooly Wonka to our burgeoning list of exclusives! What’s more? Wonka Exclusive yarn bases created just for us!


Bevin, a supersweet blend of 40% alpaca, 40% merino wool, and 20% silk, will not be available anywhere else, including the Wooly Wonka website. Wow!!! This yarn is truly beautiful, and so is Wooly Wonka! (Thank you, Anne Podlesak!) Also brand-new is Nimue, 50% silk and 50% merino, a huge hit in sock weight but now debuting in DK, and retailing only at The Yarn Company! We are beyond honored! Bevin and Nimue are both 230 yards to a 100-gram skein. They are interchangeable in projects, for example in the gorgeous but straightforward Split Rail Fence Cowl, a beginner lace pattern by Wooly Wonka maestra Anne Podlesak. We will have 10 skeins of Bevin and Nimue in 6 colors each and expect them to disappear quickly, so hurry on down! We also have a stack of Anne’s book Legendary Knits, Volume 1, published last fall, featuring eight fairy-tale and myth-themed knitwear pieces. Volume 2 will be out shortly.

Wooly Wonka, Anne Podlesak’s dye studio and online shop, is in its seventh year. Anne writes, “I am inspired by a lot of books I read; many of my colorways are based on a place in a book, or a character in a novel.” Much of her designing comes from literary inspiration as well. Anne credits her “inescapable” bookish DNA, as she is the daughter of English teachers. She earned a degree in costume design and history, and her dyeing and designing career was ready to write itself.

To our great joy, Anne’s specialty is layered-color kettle dyes. “ I like developing colorways that have 3, 4, 6 layers to them; those ones that read blue across a room, but up close, you can see some grays and greens and purples hidden under the top dye color.” Anne’s designs have been featured in Interweave Press’s Spin-Off magazine, Jane Austen KnitsThe Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, and two Cooperative Press books. She also has upcoming designs in Louet’s Spring 2014 collection and Twist Collective’s Spring 2014 collection.- Rosie