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The Yarn Company and Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art


The Yarn Company Sponsored Class at the Textile Department of Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art:

The Yarn Company is honored to be sponsoring knitting studies at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, the oldest and most prestigious institution to teach textile design in Israel! Established in 1970, the Department of Textile Design’s original purpose was to provide competent personnel for the textile and fashion industries---engineering and design. Since then, the college has blossomed: Shenkar is now a top-ranked, internationally recognized multidisciplinary art, design and engineering academy, unique in academic quality and scope.

We are beyond proud to be creating an affiliation with Shenkar. Starting now, all first-year students will use a fabulous selection of yarns from The Yarn Company in their knitting courses.

In the Department of Textiles, the first-year foundation studies are seen as one of the most fundamental and crucial experiences of the entire learning process. Students are taught using a classical threefold approach: print, weave, and knit. However, greatly enriching this foundation are practical and theoretical design courses focusing on fabric and the body, space and textile product design, material innovation, and crafts and art-oriented practice. 

Shenkar’s partnership with The Yarn Company, writes Katya Oicherman, “was devised as an experimental way to enhance this most creative and memorable encounter of the students with hand knitting and its three-dimensional potential. Through the generous gifts of The Yarn Company the first-year students are able to experiment and experience a highly diverse range of yarns, learn about their behaviors and characteristics, combine quality yarns with found materials, and design yarns of their own. Maria Zalsman, an inventive master knitter and a graduate of the department herself, leads the student teams of this ‘looped’ journey of discovery. The first row of loops might be clumsy, but it virtually contains the potential of the future elaborate textile expression. It is curious, fresh and unpretentious, it creates fabric as much as it creates fruitful communication and social binding . . . we are most happy that The Yarn Company decided to join the fun.”

Like Maria Zalsman, all the staff at Shenkar are practicing designers, artists, academics, and technicians. Graduates from the college work in the textile industry in Israel and abroad (Muji, Calvin Klein, Pentland) and also go into product and interior design, architecture, fashion, and art. The skills acquired at Shenkar give graduates unusual flexibility in the fiber world, allowing them to adapt to industry or independent creative practice of design or art. 

Join us in welcoming our first Shenkar student team!

Behold! The students in the knitting class at Shenkar have created amazing pieces!  

Seeing the students work with the varied fibers (under the direction of instructor Maria Zverin)  we sent is a thrill- this talented group is well on its way to create masterpieces like the prolific alumni of the school, some of which we are lucky to be working with, and are featuring weekly in our newsletter, on our site and in store.

Meanwhile, check back regularly to follow the young designers’ class progress!

See the story on Shenkar’s own website as well! Don’t miss the video! 

Radical Blueberry Pullover

Wow! Irina Poludnenko's new pullover guarantees joy in the extreme. Made from our very own Zara exclusive hand painted line, (yarn is  Zara Filatura di Crosa from Tahki Stacy Charles, exclusively dyed for us by Iris Schreier), this faux sweater set is dressy and form-fitting, yet comfy and full of pizzazz, with fun sleeves.. Zara Hand Painted is 100% extra fine Merino wool, 240 yards per 100-gram skein. You will need 4 skeins for a small (35"), 5 for a medium (39"), 5 for a large (43"), and 6 for an extra large (47"). Gauge 5 stitches per inch on US #6 needles. A project for advanced knitters. Ingenious, Irina! Shown in Radical Blueberry, it is now available in Radical Tomato as well!

Click here to buy.







Pop-Up in Chappaqua

The President of the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce (Nancy A. Shenker) invited us to do a popup in Chappaqua, where groups of eager fiber lovers have recently been demanding knitting action. So come explore Chappaqua and our first-ever pop-up store, in the popular home furnishings shop, Marmalade! We will bring goodies and grooviness to Marmalade on Saturday, March 8, from 1 to 5 p.m. Irina Poludnenko and Gretchen Kreutz will be with us, to teach some fabulous project based technique classes. We are very excited about this adventure. Could be the harbinger of great things to come!

Marmalade is a unique boutique gift store that carries an extensive collection of home decor, jewelry, furniture, clothing and more. Owner Cindy Lupica keeps the inventory fresh with frequent new shipments of goods and is always on top of trends. Her "community room" is warm and inviting and the perfect place for knitters to gather. Her store is conveniently located in picturesque Chappaqua, home to the Clintons and walking distance from the train station and conveniently located off major parkways.

Click here to sign up for classes and to reserve the materials. Spaces are limited.

29 King St, Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 861-2755