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Alchemy Exclusive

Lucky, lucky us! Alchemy Yarns is taking one of their most amazing specialty fibers, Wabi Sabi, and dyeing it in a sampling of their 2013 Palette, Wild West, just for us! Nowhere else will you be able to find this fiber in these colors. Wabi Sabi is a uniquely lovely yarn, made of one strand of rough-hewn wool, which absorbs and retains color beautifully, and one of silk, which reflects the light; each keeps its identity when they are twisted together, resulting in a very smooth fiber with a subtle sheen.

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Negev Twilight Vest

Designer Lori Sternberg has created a dream of a vest for The Yarn Company, in Soulwool’s swoony Negev! Simple yet so interesting, it has just one button, which stands like the first star of the evening. This vest—a pattern for beginners!—can be worn over just about anything for a dusky, elegant look.

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Broadway Blues and Mecha, a New Base from Malabrigo

It’s back, oh boy! Our very own, ever-popular exclusive colorway from Malabrigo, Broadway Blues! Too blue to be believed. It won’t last, so don’t wait.

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