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Buildings and Sky


Just when you were catching your breath after Lorna’s Laces dizzying Sheep’s Meadow colorway: introducing the VERY latest from Lorna’s Urban Underground series of colorways exclusive to The Yarn Company. “Buildings and Sky” sends us to Swoonland: each skein is a skyline, ranging from warm building browns, grays and mauves to sky blue and finally puffy cloud white.

Sigh! If you have not seen the entire series, inspired by our childhood memories of growing up in Manhattan, check it out at http://tyarn.com/LLURBUND. Lorna’s Amanda and Beth first came up with the dreamy West Side Highway (asphalt blue-gray with yellow), which Tanis Gray used in her Eleanor Jean design; then came Toxic Waste (a killer mix of nuclear deep purple and sweet bacterial greens), made famous in Irina Poludnenko’s Toxic Waste Tunic in Shepherd’s Sock at VKL. Newsprint followed—black and white and stashed all over, a sensation in Stephen West’s Arroway Shawl, and in Laura Zukaite’s cardigan for her Black Swan collection. Next, Stoplight! Red, naturally, and used by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner in her gorgeous Valentine’s Day shawl with hearts and flowers, in the base Helen’s Lace. And cool, green Sheep’s Meadow is still fresh! We can’t wait for Coney Island Cotton Candy, Purple Pollution, and…who knows? We do love New York. Call the store at 212-787-7878 to see which bases are in stock.