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Rosie's Report #41


Malabrigo’s Broadway Blues and Blankets!

The Yarn Company presents an exciting new colorway from Malabrigo: Broadway Blues. A deep, rich blue verging on purple, marvelous and plush, thrilling as a night at the theater . . . and we will have it in so many bases: Rasta, Aquarella, Chunky, Merino Worsted, Twist, Silky Merino, Lace, and Rios!

We will also be carrying Malabrigo’s fantastic blankets exclusively! Malabrigo’s yarn wizard Antonio used to hand-felt blankets for his kids when they were small. Now he dyes and felts this incredible fabric for grownups—and it is available only at The Yarn Company! Is it art or is it love? In any case we are looking forward to cooler weather: Antonio’s blankets can also be used as fabric, or worn as a cape or a throw, and we now carry them in Broadway Blues, as well as assorted solids and semisolids The Yarn Company carries oodles of yarn from Malabrigo, a favorite of designer Stephen West. Based outside of Montevideo, Malabrigo features wool from sheep raised by award-winning breeders who allow them to roam free-range in the hills of northern Uruguay, under the tender care of shepherds. Antonio Gonzales-Arnao, brother-in-law to owners Marcos and Tobias Feder, is the color magician of Malabrigo.

Together they deliver dreamy, kettle-dyed fibers whose softness shames cashmere. Malabrigo fibers are mulesing-free, and the company employs environmentally safe practices for processing it, using as little water and as few chemicals as possible. Water and waste that cannot be re-used are transported to a detoxification plant to be cleaned and treated for re-use. Similarly, dye waste is sent to a detox center as well. Bravo!

A bit more about Malabrigo’s bases: (As hand-dyeing makes each hank unique, be sure to use two skeins at once to ensure balance and random color distribution in your work.)

Malabrigo’s amazing Rasta yarn is 100% Merino wool, and is slightly felted, with 90 yards (150 grams) to a skein; US #13–15 needles, 2–5 stitches per inch. Aquarella is single-ply super-bulky Corriedale wool that comes in dreamy “watercolored” combinations; a skein is 65 yards (100 grams); US #13 needles, 2.25 stitches per inch. Chunky is a plied superfine Merino, bulky, 104 yards (100 grams) to a skein; US #10–11 needles, 3.25 stitches per inch. Merino Worsted is, yes, Merino, and luxuriously downy: 210 yards (100 grams); US #7–9 needles, 4.25 stitches per inch. Twist yarn is 8-ply (“subtly thick/thin”) 100% Baby Merino, 150 yards (100g) per skein; US #8–11 needles, 4–5 stitches per inch. Silky Merino is a slinky delicious DK-weight yarn, 50% silk and 50% Merino, 150 yards per 50-gram skein; US #6 needles, 5.5 stitches per inch. Malabrigo’s Lace yarn is spun from the finest Baby Merino. Light and lovely! 470 yards (approx. 40 grams); US #2 needles, 8 stitches per inch. The Yarn Company also carries Malabrigo’s Sock yarn, a light fingering plied 100% superwash Merino, 440 yards (100g) per skein; US #1–3 needles, 8 stitches per inch; and the gorgeous Seleccion Privada, which is the same yarn as Merino Worsted but handpainted using a different and much more labor-intensive method.