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Broadway Blues and Mecha, a New Base from Malabrigo

0404 1 lg

It’s back, oh boy! Our very own, ever-popular exclusive colorway from Malabrigo, Broadway Blues! Too blue to be believed. It won’t last, so don’t wait.

We will have it in super-bulky Rasta (100% merino, 90 yards per 150-gram skein, 1.5-1.5 sts/in on US #2-2.5 needles); the versatile worsted Twist (100% baby merino, 150 yards per 100-gram skein, 4-5 sts/in on US #8-11 needles).


Dreamy DK-weight Silky Merino (50% silk, 50% merino, 150 yards per 50-gram skein, 5.5-6 sts/in on US #4-6 needles); Merino Worsted (100% merino, 210 yards per 100-gram skein, 4.5 sts/in on US #7-9 needles); rugged & beautiful Rios (100% superwash merino, 210 yards per 100-gram skein, 4.5-5 sts/in on US #6-8 needles), and Lace (100% baby merino, 470 yards per 50-gram skein, 8 sts/in on US # 2 needles).