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Ann Weaver Workshop

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Welcome to Ann Weaver and her brilliant “Color Theory and Log Cabin Knitting: The Albers Cowl” workshop, June 8 here at The Yarn Company, 10 a.m. to noon.

Whether doing Fair Isle, Intarsia, Stripes, or modular patterns, knitters are constantly faced with color choices. Learn everything you need to know about color theory, including lightness, saturation, hue, and complimentary colors. With her treasure trove of swatches and projects, Anne will explain how different colors interact the different interactions among colors. Participants will receive a personal color wheel, to help in choosing future color combinations!

Anne will then teach us how to knit her Albers Cowl, using Log Cabin knitting techniques. This project is great for experimenting with what you have learned about color in the workshop, as it uses small portions of yarn and simple techniques. And even though the only stitch used will be the knit stitch, this class is a great chance for knitters to learn and improve finishing techniques while beginning an Albers project. You will learn how to measure gauge in garter stitch; neatly pick up stitches from both horizontal and vertical edges; how to master the sewn bind-off and the mattress stitch (used to join the three squares of the Cowl); and how to keep it all really square.

Students will need precious knowledge of casting on and knitting in garter stitch, and experience with using fingering-weight yarn on small needles. The class is $75; register early as space is limited. Materials needed include Anne’s book Craft Work Knit, or the individual pattern for the Albers Cowl (available online for $5 via Ravelry or though Anne’s website, annweaverknits.com); US #2 straight or circular needles (any length); and fingering-weight yarn for the first square (at least two colors). Please note: Participants also need to bring a completed center square of one of the cowl blocks.

Ann Weaver learned to knit at seven and started designing handknits for publication in 2007. Based in Baltimore, she enjoys experimenting, and her creations explore asymmetry, atypical color and yarn combos, and androgynous style. Ann has patterns in print and in online publications, in conjunction with yarn companies and in cooperation with indie yarn dyers. In Craft Work Knit, self-published in 2012, she blends elements of punk style, athletic uniforms, and color theory to create fun and functional pieces. Ann has two collections based on her beloved novel Moby-DickWhite Whale Vol. I (2011) and White Whale Vol. II (2012); she has recently led a mystery knit-along based on the book of Jonah, a chapter of Moby-Dick, and the work of painter Ad Reinhardt; and a club of patterns based on container ships.